Traditional yet Innovative and Attractive Forms

Packages can bring out the best appeal of products. We offer an array of package design options that will evoke rich images while giving attention to protecting and transporting your products in an eco-friendly manner.

  • Proven Track Record of 110 Years

    For many years, we have produced packages for companies in all trades, the "faces", so to say, of our customers. By handling the entire production process in-house from printing to processing, we have a high reputation for turnaround time, cost and quality.

    We deal with our customers sincerely, offering them the most suitable packaging solutions.

    Proven Track Record of 110 Years

  • Package Shape Design to Compliment the Product

    We design the most effective package shape to compliment the product based on budgets and intended use, from a simple caramel box or single flap box to more sophisticated forms and new designs.

    Package Shape Design to Compliment the Product

  • Reliable Packaging

    Our design team, with many achievements in package designs, will give shape to your images and bring them another step forward. We also support the branding of existing products. Packages designed by Watada Printing have received many awards including the Good Design Award, the Cosmetic Packaging Category Award and the Daily Necessities and General Merchandise Packaging Category Award granted by the Japan Packaging Institute. We are proud to have an excellent reputation with our customers.

    Reliable Packaging