Reliability (Various Testing Equipment)

In recent years, the use of various chemical substances has come under regulation due to their environmental impact and effects on human health. Regulations governing the toy industry and the electric/electronic industry include the ST standard, the phthalate ester regulations, and the RoHS directive etc. In order to comply with these regulations, we operate a number of testing and evaluation equipment at our company. We also have earned the trust of our customers by swiftly analyzing raw materials, intermediate products, and finished products in-house.

Chemical analyzer

  • Energy Dispersive Fluorescent X-ray Analyzer (EDX)

    The EDX is a device that measures the content of harmful chemical substances (mercury, lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, bromine) and quantities as prescribed by the RoHS Directive.

  • Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS)

    The GC-MS is a device used to measure the content and amount of phthalate esters that may have negative effects on humans, such as carcinogenicity, reproductive toxicity and endocrine disruption.

  • Left: Infrared Spectrophotometer/Right: Micro Infrared Spectrophotometer

    These devices measure the nature of any organic matter present. It is used to test the materials used to produce packaging/products (printed matter) and foreign matter adhering to products. The devices analyze the components in the material, immediately investigate the cause or origin of any foreign substances, and then delivers swift feedback on the process.

Surface observation device

  • Microscope + Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

    This twofold device is used to observe a material’s surface when a problem occurs. Since it is a microscope and a SEM combined, it is possible to conduct high resolution/high magnification to observe things more clearly. The additional functions of super-depth observation, multi-angle observation and color synthesis are also included.

Electric characteristic evaluation device

  • Network Analyzer

    HF Band RFID (electromagnetic induction type) is a device used to measure the communication characteristics of RFID design, and also to conduct non-destructive investigations for defects.

  • UHF Band RFID Communication Performance Evaluation Device

    This is a device that measures communication characteristics (communication distance, direction, etc.) of RFID (radio communications type). This device is used for RFID design and for non-destructive investigations for RFID defects.

Environmental Testing Equipment

  • Left: Cold Thermal Shock Testing Equipment / Right: Thermo-hygrostat Testing Equipment

    The cold thermal shock testing equipment tests whether electronic components used in RFID, etc. are subjected to sudden overload by changing the environment from a low temperature to a high temperature to see whether a malfunction occurs.
    The thermo-hygrostat testing equipment tests changes in products over time and confirms the soundness and reliability of materials and electronic parts by subjecting them to increases in temperature and humidity and accelerating the deterioration process.

  • High Temperature Product Life Testing Equipment

    This device evaluates reliability and soundness of the materials by checking changes in performance (degradation, breakdown, etc.) after subjecting the object to an environment of 121°C, 2 atm, and 100% humidity for a period of time.

Mechanical Strength Test Equipment

  • Dynamic Bending / Dynamic Torsion Test Equipment

    This equipment confirms performance and changes in condition with a device that repeatedly bends or twists ID-1 type cards as specified by the international standard (ISO).

  • Digital Force Gauge with Interlocking Stand

    This device measures the tensile strength of the material and the adhesive strength of the bonded parts.

  • Vibration Testing Machine / Compression Testing Machine / Drop Test Equipment

    At our in-house testing facilities, we carry out actual tests simulating delivery to the customer, customer use and subsequent use by the end user to analyze whether our packaging material is performing its guaranteed function adequately.
    Left & Lower left: Vibration Testing Machine
    Lower Center: Compression Testing Machine
    Lower Right: Drop Testing Equipment