Processing (Card Processing, Box-making, Perforation and Punching)

Watada Printing handles the production of various post-print processing in-house, including IC card/tag processing, playing cards/trading card processing, perforation and punching, foil stamping, collation, embossing, etc., as well as normal trimming and packing after printing.
In addition to post-print processing, we operate a stringent quality control and inspection system, both in-process and after completion of the finished product, based on the 4M elements (Man, Machine, Material, Methods) that are fundamental to the manufacturing industry in order to deliver the highest quality products to our customers.

RFID(IC Cards, IC Tags)

RFID(IC Cards, IC Tags)We are currently designing prototypes for antenna designs and mass-produced tag embedding, and we are focusing on HF band RFID. As a highly specialized product, RFID can even read a large number of tags that are stacked in 100 layers which are normally difficult to read, and we also have small 5-mm square IC tags.Since Watada Printing uses reactive hot melt processing, the finished product is harder compared to standard tagging, resulting in the same flexibility as a trading card.

Trading Cards & Playing Cards

Trading Cards & Playing CardsWe have facilities for producing and collating complete 54-card suited sets of playing cards. Using these facilities, we can also print, punch, separate and collate trading cards. We can also provide various kinds of form-fill-seal packaging, such as box packaging, banding, as well as pillow wrap and caramel wrap packaging.


AssemblyWe provide the assembly of cardboard/paper boxes, clear cases, etc., including standard side-flap and bottom gluing as well as 4-corner/6-corner flap gluing items, and a variety of shapes and sizes for cosmetic cases.
In addition, our sophisticated production facilities are equipped with blank attitude control systems and other devices, enabling us to provide high-quality products at reduced lead times.

Hot Stamping

Hot StampingWe offer leaf stamping (hot stamping), a process of stamping evaporated sheets, usually called foils (metallic, holographic, pigment) onto cards or other materials
At Watada Printing, we also use cylinder hot stamping machines that can stamp trading cards, alcoholic beverage labels and cosmetics containers, along with materials such as art paper, cardboard and chemical products.


PunchingIn addition to punching cosmetics boxes and playing/trading cards, our print facility is also capable of rendering precision punch die cuts of ±0.1mm for game machine parts for use by major game machine manufacturers.
In addition to the services we offer as a printing company, we also pride ourselves on our outstanding punching technology.

Label Processing

Label ProcessingWe provide complete label processing, from cutting to trimming corners, to create labels for alcoholic beverage bottles, and more.

Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic WeldingTo produce plastic folders and packaging, we use an ultrasonic welding process to paste together polypropylene (PP) materials.
Ultrasonic waves cause the materials to vibrate on a molecular level, generating heat through friction, which binds them together.

Inspection Systems

Inspection SystemsWe undertake a comprehensive inspection process that includes numerous inspections during printing and other manufacturing processes along with sampling inspections of the finished product before shipment and delivery to customers.
At Watada Printing, we also have clean room facilities in which to conduct inspections for game components under strictly controlled conditions for major game manufacturers.