Printing Services (Offset, Flexographic, Large-format UV Inkjet Printing)

Printing (Offset, Flexographic, Silk Screen Printing)At Watada Printing, we focus on offset printing (oil-based and UV printing), along with flexographic and other print services. Each of Watada Printing’s offset printing machines is operated by a Grade 1-certified print technician. Our stringent quality management procedures are based on the four key elements of production (the 4M): Man, Machine, Material & Method. Each of our printing machines are also equipped with a print quality inspection device.

offset printing

Oil-based Offset Printing

Watada Printing has a number of offset printing machines on site.
Our machines can produce normal offset printing, as well as a variety of other printing processes, including Hexachrome (RGB) printing to render colors close to RGB color schemes, eco-friendly waterless printing, BISAI *high-resolution true-color printing, etc.
We also offer photographic and fine art printing based on standard 175 lpi resolution to achieve the quality required for a high degree of color accuracy and detail.
Watada Printing meets ISO standards and is a certified compliant with Japan Color Standards (Japan Color 2007).

*BISAI (oil-based & UV) print processing is Watada Printing’s original name for signature high-resolution, true-color rendering print process.

UV printing

Watada Printing has a number of UV printing machines on site.
Our machines are capable of UV offset printing on paper, plastic sheets (PP, PET, etc.), synthetic paper, aluminum foil paper as well as performing lenticular printing.
We also specialize in standard UV printing, eco-friendly waterless printing, and high-resolution true-color rendering ※BISAI UV print processing.

*BISAI UV print processing is Watada Printing’s original name for our signature high-resolution, true-color rendering print process

Flexographic Printing

Flexographic printing is an eco-friendly printing method using water-based ink and UV curable ink. The print facilities at Watada Printing combine printing directly with post-print processing lines.
A range of special post-print processes normally performed only after printing can be done as part of the in-line process. These special processes and decorative effects include rotary screen presses cold foil (cold stamping), lamination (layering laminated film), lamination coating (applying holographic film), super varnishing (applying film with a smooth finish), quasi-embossing, half-cutting tack seal, and more. Our integrated production line handles the entire process, from printing to special-effects processing, which reduces the total production cost.

Large-format UV Inkjet Printer

Watada Printing has a large-format UV inkjet printer capable of printing materials up to 50 mm thick and dimensions of up to 3,100 mm x 1,602 mm on site.
Our UV inkjet printer can print on materials such as plastic, acrylic, metal, wood, sign boards and others that cannot be handled by an offset printer. We can also print using white ink and embossing (gloss and matte) in addition to standard CMYK 4-color inks.
Inkjet printing is cost effective for multi-product and small lot production, and since there is also no need to produce printing plates, up-front costs can be reduced. In addition, since we have a laminating machine and a CAD machine on site, we can handle customer orders throughout the entire process.