Great Designs with Consideration

Product labels contain a lot of creator sentiment and become the faces of products. We offer a range of labels that people reach out for, including sheet-fed labels, glue labels, and quick stick labels.

  • Original Technologies Based on Experience Accumulated since Our Founding

    With complete knowledge of printing machines, inks and paper, our expert staff will assist you in creating labels for your products.

    We offer highly value-added services with special technologies backed with expertise based on our extensive experience in printing business, including Watada Printing's original BISAI printing* (oil-based, UV) on all kinds of normal and special paper.

    * BISAI printing (oil-based, UV) is Watada Printing's original name for high resolution, high color rendering printing.

    Original Technologies Based on Experience Accumulated since Our Founding

  • Proposals to Meet Your Production Lines

    With a full understanding of our customers' labeling process requirements, we will propose the most suitable material for each product label based on the expertise accumulated over 100 years of Watada Printing's label making.

    Proposals to Meet Your Production Lines

  • Designers x Experience

    We have a number of designers with extensive experience in label designing who will select the materials and processing of your labels.

    The new face of your product, reflecting the manufacturer's policy and brand colors, will be created through collaboration between Watada Printing's technologies and designers.

    Designers x Experience

  • Experience in All Trades

    Watada Printing started out with making labels for sake bottles. Our expertise has been accumulated since our foundation. We now provide services to various fields and industries including wine, cosmetics, food and seasoning.

    Leverage our flexible design capabilities and high quality printing based on reliability for your labels as well as packages and POP display materials.

    Experience in All Trades