Standard, yet diverse

Plastic folders can play an indispensable role in your company's public relations, sales promotion and document organization. We offer a full range of plastic folders in various sizes (A4, B5, etc.) and shapes (with card pockets, partitions and indices).

  • Production System Based on Experience

    The entire production process of ultrasonic welding is handled in-house, starting from UV printing on polypropylene. We have a multiple number of UV printer units for mass production.

    Production System Based on Experience

  • Challenges to High Added-Value

    With Watada Printing's original BISAI UV printing* and various modified finishes, we offer high value-added plastic folders.

    * BISAI UV printing is Watada Printing's original name for high resolution, high color rendering printing.

    Challenges to High Added-Value

  • Uncompromising Pursuit

    We have a reputation for high printing quality of corporate character items and products that require stringent color control.

    We strive to reproduce colors to match the finished images envisioned by our customers and take advantage of high performance printing technologies to achieve the color quality that can satisfy our customers.

    Uncompromising Pursuit