State-of-the-art technologies are not always visible

Card games that are fun to watch, play and collect – take advantage of Watada Printing's techniques to create your unique cards.

  • Customizable Start-to-finish Production

    We can finish the printed and processed cards all the way to packaging.

    Card games can be form-fill-seal packaged in a normal way, or can be put in a paper bag before packaging. Other complicated packaging can be handled within our production line.

  • Support for Special Specifications

    We offer a wide selection of materials such as cardboard, PET materials, aluminum foils and holographic paper.

    The cards can be embossed, sealed, stamped or treated in other special ways. A full range of special finishes including registration control by multiple paginations and non-see-through process printing are also available.

    Support for Special Specifications

  • Precise Rarity Control

    We can provide control of insert cards or detailed specification of serial numbers of trading cards.

    Precise Rarity Control