Eco-friendly, as added value

Brochures and flyers are used in all aspects of business including public relations, sales promotion and product handling instructions. We offer a wide selection in any lot, specification and shape along with our techniques for eco-friendly products.

  • Unique Added-Value

    We propose high added-value solutions with our original BISAI (oil-based, UV) printing* for high resolution, high color rendering in combination with the use of special paper such as pearl paper and evaporated aluminum films.

    * BISAI (oil-based, UV) printing is Watada Printing's original name for high resolution, high color rendering printing.

    Unique Added-Value

  • To Enhance Your Corporate Image

    With our eco-friendly waterless printing, which has low hazardous substance emission, you can use Japan Waterless Printing Corporate Association's Butterfly logo on your printed materials.

    Along with the Carbon Footprint that shows the amount of CO2 emissions in manufacturing, the indications are visually effective and environmentally friendly means to improve your company's image.

    To Enhance Your Corporate Image