Processing (Card processing, cartons, punching, binding)

In addition to basic cutting and box forming after printing, Watada Printing has the capability to handle various other post-processing activities in-house, including processing of IC cards and IC tags, production of playing cards and trading cards, punching, stamping, collation, and embossing.

We also conduct thorough in-process and finished product inspections to ensure that we deliver quality products to our customers. Our stringent quality management is based on controlling the 5 major elements of production, the 5M (man, machine, material, method and measure).

IC Cards, IC Tags

IC Cards, IC TagsThe entire process can be handled in-house, from the printing of cards and tags to embedding IC chips, layering (collation to press) and punching.

Playing Cards

Playing CardsWe provide start-to-finish production of playing cards, from printing to cutting the printed sheets, automatic collation and punching.

Bundling, wrapping and shrink-wrapping can also be handled in-house. We are one of the few domestic companies that own a fully integrated production line for playing cards.

Trading Cards

Trading CardsAs with playing cards, we provide start-to-finish production of other card games, from printing to cutting the printed sheets, automatic collation and punching. We can also provide form-fill-seal packaging, delivering the final products to our customers.

Box Forming

Box FormingWe provide box forming of various shapes, including standard side-lap or bottom gluing as well as 4-corner/6-corner gluing of paper containers, plastic cases and other types of presentation boxes.

The use of sophisticated production facilities equipped with blank attitude control systems or other devices enables us to provide high quality products at reduced lead times.

Hot Stamping

Hot StampingLeaf stamping (hot stamping) is a process of evaporating sheets that are generally called foils (metallic, holographic, pigment foils).

Watada Printing implements cylinder hot stamping machines that can stamp trading cards, alcoholic beverage labels and cosmetic cases as well as tissue paper, cardboard and chemical products.


PunchingOur facility is capable of punching presentation boxes, playing cards and trading cards as well as highly precise punch die of ±0.1mm for the processing of game machine components for a major game machine manufacturer.

While being a printing company, we also pride ourselves on our superior punching techniques.

Label Processing

Label ProcessingWe provide start-to-finish processing of labels from cutting to corner trimming, for labels on alcoholic beverage bottles, etc.


BindingThe entire process of saddle stitch binding can be handled in-house.

Perfect binding and other binding services are also available.

Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic WeldingThis process is to paste together materials (polypropylene) used for plastic folders and packages.

The ultrasonic wave vibrates the materials on the molecular level and welds them together by the heat generated by friction.


InspectionsWe conduct various inspections during the process of printing and treatments, as well as sampling and total inspections prior to shipment.

Watada Printing has a clean room to conduct inspections under stringent conditions of game components for a major game manufacturer.