With the means, talent and taste, our specialists (creators) breathe life into products.

imageWatada Printing provides general printing services for packages, point-of-purchase (POP) materials and brochures, and also focuses on the manufacturing of magnetic cards, IC cards and IC tags. Our well-furnished hardware enables us to offer complete start-to-finish production within our facility from planning and designing, printing and processing to delivery, and we also have the technology and expertise to supply finished IC-related products. Meanwhile, we conduct advanced technological developments in areas such as digital secret (DS) codes* and our original BISAI printing techniques* (oil-based, UV).

It is through the various business relationships with clients that Watada Printing has improved the level of its technologies and enhanced its quality control process. Simply producing is not enough. Our employees strive to meet the requirements and requests of the customers with dedication and sincerity. This basic attitude has become our corporate culture and is also reflected strongly in our technological advancements.

* A digital secret (DS) code is a printing technology based on digital watermarking to covertly embed information in printing materials. Watermarks are invisible to the human eye.
* BISAI printing (oil-based, UV) is the word created by Watada Printing. It indicates printing with high resolution and high color rendering.