Thorough planning to satisfy your needs

ID products must be built to the various specifications for each customer. We offer a line of optimum ID products and complete solutions in mass volumes or high-mix low-volume productions and quick turnaround.

  • Variation of Expressions

    Proposals on various printing methods by combining offset printing and silkscreen printing are available based on your request. We can also offer proposals on texturing and other special finishes (e.g., non-sticking finish) for your products using our original processing technology.

    Variation of Expressions

  • Reliable Start-to-finish Production

    We provide highly reliable products with our capability to handle the entire production process in-house, from printing of cards and tags to inlay embedding, laminating press, punching to typing and issuing. We have a full line of evaluation and analysis equipment for any defective analysis needs.

    Reliable Start-to-finish Production

  • Proposals on Integrated Solutions

    A full line of system proposals are available, such as entrance/exit control and goods management systems. We can also propose the optimum solution for your company in collaboration with our partner companies, including reader/writer systems, card printers and rewrite printers.


    1. The PHOENIX Group: PX910
    2. AP-REFINE Incorporated: AP-4331
    3. Hitachi High-Tech Materials Corporation: AT870
    4. Hitachi High-Tech Materials Corporation: short range reader/writer TR3 series
  • New Technologies

    Proposals on DS codes (digital secret codes) and other imperceptible codes are also available. Embedding digital data into these codes will enable attractive printing materials without compromising the design.Digital Watermarks

    New Technologies